About us

Make Management is a private micro venture firm with focus on the tech sector. We offer pre-seed investments, expert advice and consulting services within strategy, innovation and business development to aspiring startups and projects. Our broad experience enables us to easily take a holistic approach and adapt to your unique needs.

We make sure that smart ideas become sustainable and create new opportunities for growth together with you and your company.

Our goal is to meet your needs with strategies and solutions based on state of the art thinking, technologies and working methods. 

Investment philosophy

We invest in early stage companies and projects, such as proof-of-concept, beta test stage or pilot projects that contribute to innovative and long term sustainable business. Our investment philosophy is to be a partner with a horizon of at least 24 months.

Global Reach

We work on a global market with clients and businesses reaching from Luleå in northern Sweden to Los Angeles, California.

Experienced consulting

Make Management have many years of experience from technology, strategy and business development as well as operational services. We know how to combine technology, processes and tools with new and improved ways of working drive growth.

Make Management

Team members

Andreas Johansson
Founder, CEO

Andreas is an experienced leader and business developer, and has been building next generation technology platforms for over 20 years. He’s got a strong understanding of key business areas to drive revenue growth and communicate effectively to help understand the ins and outs of business processes. 

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Andreas helps clients and projects with leadership, business development and solution design within the tech sector. He’s worked with both established companies and startups on the international market for a long time, in industries such as public sector healthcare, marketing, bank and finance and e-commerce.

Andreas’s main focus is cloud and big data technologies but he is also very experienced with blockchain/distributed ledger technologies and their new approach to business models. In 2017 he founded the first industry organization with focus on Blockchain and DLT in Sweden, the Swedish Blockchain Association which has under Andreas leadership successfully established itself on the Nordic marketplace. He’s a trusted advisor, a frequently employed speaker and panelist and have been cited in multiple PhD theses and industry reports.